Last month a plane landed in El Salvador carrying women and children deported from a New Mexico detention facility. But a day later, lawyers filed a lawsuit alleging women held there were denied due process.
September 02, 2014
The Grand Canyon is a place of breathtaking beauty and environmental, educational and science programs. But park officials are making widespread cuts to those programs, and the reasons why are complicated.
September 02, 2014
In June, the head of the internal watchdog office at CBP was removed from his post after an independent report revealed the agency didn’t do enough to investigate the Border Patrol’s use of deadly force.
The National Guard is now descending on the South Texas border as part of Operation Strong Safety. Its mission is to help combat the never-ending flow of illegal drug traffic headed north from Mexico.
Members of different political parties there said El Salvador needs to take responsibility for the migration and insecurity of its people and not look to the U.S. for all the answers.
On Thursday morning they went to the airport in San Salvador to watch a plane arrive from the United States with deported women and children.
So far the monsoon season rains have been slow and steady on Oak Creek Canyon. That’s good news for the people who live next to the Slide Fire burn area.
The Navajo Housing Authority will reveal its plan this week to tackle the tribe’s desperate housing need, but it’s still trying to patch things up with the federal government.
Fronteras Desk Senior Field Correspondents Jude Joffe-Block and Kate Sheehy are spending this week reporting in El Salvador.
In the Southwest, the endangered Mexican gray wolf has struggled to thrive. To help boost their population the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to substantially expand the area where they can release new wolves into the wild.
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The recent wave of Central American families and children coming across the border has prompted outrage from some Arizonans, while it’s tugged at the heart strings of others.
Almost 37,500 migrant children who crossed the Southwest border this year are now reunited with relatives or sponsors. Among them are a family in Phoenix back together after years of separation.
The arrest of an undocumented Latino immigrant by Border Patrol brought human rights activists to the streets and to the Tucson Police Department.
U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz visited the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico on Wednesday. He asked for the public's patience as the investigation into the cause of the leak continues.