The American Civil Liberties Union released a collection of testimonials Thursday alleging racial profiling and questionable behavior by border law enforcement in west Texas and southern New Mexico.
May 28, 2015
This man-made wetland is now under construction on the Rio Grande. The wetland will be the first on the Rio Grande to use treated wastewater to restore habitat. This comes as Congress is considering a bipartisan bill to extend funding for the construction of mad-made wetlands.
May 26, 2015
A third of the Navajo Nation is now covered with sand dunes -- the result of climate change. Roads, corrals, entire homes have been buried in sand, creating what President Obama calls “climate change refugees.”
New Mexico's attorney general and a district attorney will prosecute two officers who reportedly beat a man detained at the Las Cruces Police Department. The incident happened in December and was captured on a surveillance video.
Juárez muralist Maclovio Macias' latest inspiration came from marching 200 miles alongside mothers whose daughters disappeared during the recent wave of drug violence.
Thousands of visitors drive the scenic switchbacks through Oak Creek Canyon every day. Once travelers descend below the canyon’s rim cellphones become useless. There’s no signal. So if someone has an accident or spots a wildfire, there’s no 911 access for several miles. That’s exactly what happened one year ago on May 20.
The Navajo Nation banned alcohol from its reservation more than a century ago. But that hasn’t stopped people from drinking and in more recent years, doing drugs. The lack of jobs makes bootlegging and dealing meth, marijuana and cocaine all the more appealing. More substance abuse has led to a surge in violent crimes. And the tribe’s police officers say they’re overwhelmed.
A Paris auction house is planning another sale of Hopi sacred items on June 1. The Arizona tribe is demanding their return.
Navajo Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice Herb Yazzie, who has come under fire for disqualifying a presidential candidate who refused to prove he spoke Navajo fluently, announced his retirement Wednesday.
In an unprecedented move Shelly, asked Begaye to sign an agreement. The two leaders had decided in advance to create a list of projects that Shelly’s administration began and Begaye would commit to continuing, Shelly said.
Native Americans have some of the highest substance abuse rates compared to other racial or ethnic groups. Alcohol and meth are the drugs of choice. But many tribal police have been overwhelmed by a new crop of heroin. Black tar heroin is cheap, addictive and destructive.
On May 12 the Navajo Nation will finally inaugurate a new president. And many wonder how Russell Begaye will do in his new office.
Brooks County, Texas, has seen at least 365 migrant deaths since 2011. Forensic investigators are working to identify the deceased. But legal and logistical obstacles are a challenge to that effort.
Final results from the Navajo Nation presidential election show Russell Begaye winning nearly 63 percent of the vote to defeat Joe Shirley Jr.
The U.S. Department of Energy has agreed to a $73 million settlement with the state of New Mexico related to a underground radiation leak at a federal nuclear waste facility.